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Provide intellectual services by means of knowledge and technology​.

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Consulting service

DHC consulting service provides intellectual services to the society by means of knowledge and technology to help customers solve complicated decision-making problems. We use knowledge and technology to comprehensively process and create information and data, and export knowledge products and services with high added value.

Customer value

DHC covers a wide range of fields and industries, has sufficient technical knowledge reserves, provides professional consulting services for leaders to make decisions and enterprises to understand the market situation, understands the front-end demands of the market, and improves the development of enterprises.

DHC consulting services involve various fields and industries, with a wide range and various forms.

 ● Macro consultation and micro consultation, comprehensive consultation and partial consultation, strategic consultation and tactical consultation, etc.

 ● Business consultation, social development consultation, scientific and technological consultation, diplomatic consultation, enterprise diagnosis, etc.

 ● Official consultation, semi-official consultation, non-governmental consultation, etc.

 ● Decision-making (policy) consultation, management consultation, engineering project consultation, technical consultation and professional consultation, etc.