Becoming a world-class provider of DT services and solutions.

Vision: Becoming a world-class provider of DT services and solutions.

Mission: Improving customer value with DT.


Integrity is the foundation of enterprise and the moral foundation of employees. Integrity is the core value of DHC and the noble character of DHC employees. DHC follows the ‘integrity management’ rules and keeps good faith and honesty to clients, employees, shareholders, partner and social related stakeholders for win-win development. For employees, DHC advocates honesty, integrity, commitment and loyalty to the enterprise.

—  Value  


DHC advocates the innovative spirit of keeping pace with the times, daring to change and breaking through. The company comprehensively promotes theoretical innovation, technological innovation, management innovation and practical innovation, and strives to construct and optimize the innovation environment. It encourages employees to continuously learn, explore boldly, improve their skills and enhance their own value.


Responsibility is the basic professional spirit of enterprises and employees. An enterprise could not develop without responsibility and an individual could not get achievements without responsibility. DHC puts serving customers, cultivating employees, giving back shareholders and society as the bounden responsibility through the whole development process. At the same time, we encourage employees to dedicate to work, be responsible for clients, the company and themselves.


Cooperation is the foundation of success. DHC advocates cooperation among and within the team, breaking barriers, working together with one heart and one mind, and joining forces to fully stimulate the wisdom and strength of the team. The company encourages employees to play their skills, participate in team work, share risks and benefits, cooperate with each other and help the team achieve its goals.

—  CORPORATE Sprit —

Customer Oriented

Customers are the foundation of enterprise survival. Only by working hard to satisfy customers and exceeding their expectations can we win their trust and promote long-term cooperation. DHC has always stood on customers’ position, taking satisfying customer needs and enhancing customer value as the center to carry out all business activities, taking customer satisfaction as the final standard to measure all work achievements, and taking 100% customer satisfaction as our eternal pursuit.

Quality First

Quality is the lifeblood of enterprises, which concerns the rise and fall of the business. DHC regards the quality as one of the important hallmarks of the core competitiveness of enterprises. DHC controls the quality strictly, improves the management process and upgrades the crafted products and service continuously. It has zero tolerance for quality issues and is never complacent about quality improvement.

Pursuit of Excellence

Pursuit of excellence reflects the DHC employees’ spiritual desire for perfection. DHC promotes excellence in management, and strives for world-class management level. In the course of maximizing customer needs, DHC makes every effort to provide excellent products and services. We apply superior technology to enhance core competitiveness, strive for high performance and motivate the company and employees to create high performance; We build an excellent team to accumulate strength for work excellence.


Being pragmatic and efficient is the key to promoting the work effectively. Low-key and steady, steadfast and willing to work, quick and agile, and pursuing efficiency are the portrayals of our employees. DHC insists on the professional attitude of being pragmatic, dedicated and professional, and is down-to-earth and dedicated to doing things. We advocate the style of work that is highly effective, quick in response, tense and orderly, and races against time.​