Becoming a world-class provider of DT services and solutions.
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Provide the full stack services required by the enterprise IoT business​.


Embedded network platform

Intelligent equipment platform

Wireless communication module


DHC, based on its own IPR and core patented communication technologies, can provide various IoT modules such as WIFI and ZigBee, and can realize complete IoT integration, million-class equipment connection, data mining and presentation, and customized development of proprietary application software systems. At the same time, it also supports seamless docking services with major IoT cloud platforms to complete the rapid intelligent transformation of the IoT in traditional industries.

Customer value

By integrating DHC IT resources and data communication, storage and analysis cloud services with service advantages, it provides customers with full stack services for IoT services such as multi-protocol high-speed access to data, real-time data streaming, mass data storage, big data analysis and equipment security management.