Becoming a world-class provider of DT services and solutions.
    Provide CNCF certification training
    OSS product code contribution
      DT/DX technology partners
      Provide enterprise-level platform construction services
        Provide Agile development and CICD based on CloudNative platform.


        Design and build clusters in private, public, or hybrid cloud environments as required.

        Develop specifications for Kubernetes clusters, and clarify the design of computing, storage, and networking.

        Design monitoring service, include resource/log collection, CI/CD, deployment Strategy and cost management, etc.

        Migration and Analysis

        Evaluate the readiness for cloud-native deployment based on the workload of the existing environment.

        Determine service configuration and resource requirements to plan and ensure an efficient production environment.

        Create a detailed plans, organize requirements and planning infrastructure, system architecture, etc.


        Based on architecture design,using IaC,combined with the release pipeline,CICD management of environment deployment.

        Code management of infrastructure, management objects include Kubernetes clusters installation, setup and software component management.

        According to demand, you can use SaaS services or other oss products,monitor and manage the operating conditions of the system.

        Strengthen system security and provide security solutions at the network/os/container level.

        CNCF Training

        Specially invited CKA certified experts to design courses based on the official CKA exam syllabus.

        The form of training is Offline training + Environmental practical operation + Q&A interaction.

        Provide customized training for system architects, DevOps engineers, and developers.

        Curriculum planning principles: systematization, actual combat, and production availability.

        Training content combined with official syllabus

        Training method offline + online

        Course content provides customization

        Short-term training and long-term technical Q&A