DHC always believe that employees are the greatest wealth of our company.

We continue to pay close attention to the development and growth of employees, and strive to create a positive, continuous learning and development environment  for employees, and create an atmosphere of innovation.

Here, we will provide you with sufficient development opportunities and resources to support you, you will work hard and good performance to achieve your career goals.

Here, we will provide you with various training and development opportunities to improve your professional skills, whether you are a little white in the workplace or a professional person, whether you are a beginner or a veteran. 

Employee’s competence promotion is the driving force to support the continuous development and innovation of enterprises, which also provides strong support for the career development of individuals.



With the popularization of the HCMS system, the company has established a learning-map which is based on capability enhancement. According to the requirements of the posts, various training projects will be planned for different employees to improve their skills.




Use a combination to ensure a long-term and continuous learning. The various methods including: classroom teaching, sand table exercise, workshops, e- learning, project training, mentoring, external certification, Onsite training, etc.

Various Methods

Here, We promote our professional skills, task skills and soft skills through a variety of competency development approaches.

Professional skills:

Professional knowledge: Industry knowledge, product knowledge. Software development: technical framework, development language, database, specific skills, assistant tools.

Experience-sharing, sand table exercise, workshops
Technology community and seminar

Task skills:

Project engineering, System architecture design, HLD, framework functional design, LLD, coding, unit test, integration test, system test, delivery, system maintenance, operations.

Project management: project planning, cost management, quality management,  time management, risk management, team management, change management, project junction.

Supporting management: configuration management, quality assurance

Technical community

And seminar

Project exercise
Capacity promotion
Specific capacity training


Soft skills:

Cognitive power: learning ability, knowledge sharing, problem analysis and solution

Self management: stress management, Initiative

Management expertise: training and guidance ability, organization and coordination ability, leadership

Execution: Achievement Orientation, quality awareness, implementation, strain capacity, organizational involvement.

Influential power: influential and communication skill

Supporting skills: interpersonal understanding, sense of service

External training and certification


     Learning and development     

Leadership Enhancement

Here, we provide comprehensive training for our employees to encourage them to upgrade their professional competence and knowledge and help them become professionals in the field. 

We are committed to providing our employees with a comprehensive customized curriculum to enhance their professional competitiveness. 

Learning and development

Employees at all stages of development can participate in the company's ability development and training activities, and constantly improve themselves. Combining with the career development channel of the company staff, focusing on the key path of systematic and structured capacity development activities, to provide strong support for staff capacity improvement, growth and development at all stages.

General management
Soft skills
Learning & development
Project management
Professional skills
Foreign language