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Industrial Solutions​
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Build a new smart city solution in internet plus era​.

DHC has been involved in the smart city field since 2009. After nearly ten years of accumulation, it has formed a complete smart city solution "Smart Integrated Service Management Platform" in the smart city field, and has sufficient case support in the aspects of people's livelihood services, government affairs services and enterprise services, especially the integration and sharing of government affairs data in the form of “internet plus", has many intellectual property products, provides smart city application solutions for many domestic cities, and has won many industrial awards.

Supervision and examination integration management platform

The platform uses modern information technology to carry out scientific management and appraisal of policy implementation, work completion and public satisfaction while improving performance appraisal, and supervises the appraisal process and related matters to ensure the smooth implementation of government decrees and improve administrative efficiency.

Internal control platform of administrative and public institutions

Establish an internal control management system for administrative institutions, manage people, properties, materials and businesses in a unified way, increase system control and ensure the implementation of internal control requirements.