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Industrial Solutions​
Government and Public

Provide intelligent transportation solutions for data sharing and intercommunication​.

DHC has participated in the planning and design of several national and provincial key projects and related research and development work in cooperation with the relevant design and research institutes of the Ministry of Transport and other business units by referring to the top-level design plan of the "12th Five-Year Plan of Transport Informatization" and "13th Five-Year Plan of Transport Informatization" of the Ministry of Transport.

Through years of information design and implementation experience in the transportation field, professional solutions have been provided for the relevant business units of multi-provincial transportation departments in overall business planning, consulting design, big data application in the transportation industry, intelligent transportation construction, intelligent transportation management construction, intelligent road construction, public service platform, road network monitoring, video resource integration, data sharing and intercommunication, transportation safety supervision, and credit system construction in the transportation field.

Data center and data conversion and sharing platform

The authoritative, comprehensive and real-time comprehensive transportation big data center provides a basic environment for the coordination of resources and data.

Decision analysis platform

Establish a decision-making analysis center for comprehensive traffic big data and provide data mining, analysis and decision-making services for traffic managers.

Integrated transportation public information service platform

Through the sharing of data in the city's comprehensive transportation data center, unified transportation information service exports are provided for the public and various industries to exchange and interoperate data in the transportation field.

Integrated operation coordination and emergency response system

It includes operation monitoring and early warning platform, video image analysis platform, emergency command and coordination linkage platform, etc., to carry out coordinated command and emergency treatment of various modes of transportation.​