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New pattern of education based on cloud, big data and internet plus

DHC's smart education is a continuous integration of mobile internet technology, big data technology and campus management, teaching, living and learning, which promotes the change of campus management mode to a smarter direction. For the field of vocational education, we provide an overall solution covering the entire industrial chain of vocational education such as smart campus construction, online education, IT personnel training and so on, including educational institutions, educational platforms, teachers and students.

Smarter management

New technologies such as cloud computing, mobile internet and internet of things are used to realize innovation in school affairs and management.

Smarter teaching

Teaching resources are fully shared within and between schools and society.

Smarter service

Using mobile internet technology, we can better provide all-round services for teachers, students and parents.

Smarter data

The data are integrated, sorted out and analyzed to provide effective smart analysis and decision-making basis for school development.

System functions

  • Personnel and collaborative office system 
  • Student work management system

  • Information-based platform
  • Mobile campus 
  • Autonomous learning platform 

  • Employment and entrepreneurship service platform 
  • Educational management system 
  • Asset management system