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Boost the integration of informatization and modern agriculture​.

Provide Internet + agricultural informatization solution

DHC is committed to promoting the integration of modern information technologies such as the Internet and the Internet of Things with agricultural modernization, developing intelligent agriculture by means of informatization and intelligentization, and providing strong support for promoting the application and management of agricultural science and technology innovation.

Agricultural informatization solution

The agricultural informatization solution integrates the world-leading technologies of "Internet of Things, mobile Internet, cloud computing, geographic information (GIS)" and realizes the supervision of agricultural enterprises' production processes with the help of personal computers, tablet computers, smart phones, touch screen all-in-one machines and other terminal equipment. Real-time monitoring of soil moisture, insects, soil nutrients and other environments in the field provides agricultural technology knowledge and expert online guidance for agricultural promotion workers and farmers, and realizes remote monitoring and automatic control of agricultural facilities such as greenhouses.

Intelligent solutions for marine ranching

The solution of intelligent management of marine ranching is "production-oriented" and realizes "integrated" production process management from seed collection, artificial incubation, seed breeding, bottom seeding proliferation, natural growth and artificial collection, and realizes a unified business management platform combining production process with marine environmental data combined with monitoring of marine environmental data.

The solution helps customers realize fine breeding, which is conducive to enhancing the core competitiveness of enterprises, effectively reducing costs, stimulating production and technological innovation, and thus enhancing the economic benefits and competitiveness.