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Industrial Solutions​
Smart Finance

The leader in domestic financial and IT field.

Exploring the new pattern of financial IT in digital era

DHC CITIC Network Technology Corp., after more than ten years of intensive cultivation in the industry, is deeply aware of the banking information needs. It provides you with not only mature and leading application software products, but also on-demand customized professional services.

Intelligent marketing

With the help of AI and big data, we can increase customer acquisition channel and reduce the cost through scenario-based and diversified marketing methods.

Unified payment

From financial IC card to cloud payment, help banks take the lead in the layout of channels to connect freely to make payment more convenient.

Intelligent risk controlment

We focus on risk management and control in the banking industry, risk control business and technology are highly integrated to create a safe and efficient expert-level system.

Industrial finance

We provide emerging technologies, such as big data, cloud computing, Internet of Things, block chain and so on to connect capital and assets, and create a new industrial landscape.

In order to create an intelligent ecological financial platform, we help to build six capacity centers for banks: user center, safety certification center, operation management center, product service center, marketing rights center, and unified payment center.

Mobile finance

We explore how to combine finance with Internet to build a secure and leading Internet financial solution.

Network finance
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