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Industrial Solutions​
Smart Finance

Committed to promoting the inclusive development of science and technology finance​.

Expert in financial enterprise information management

We devote ourselves to the information service of science and technology financial enterprises, and provide all-business process and technology-leading information solutions for passenger cars, commercial vehicles, modern logistics, financial leasing, factoring, supply chain finance, etc.

Providing a solution for the monitoring of financial asset rick public opinion .

It helps enterprises to monitor supplier's public opinion information and identify the potential risks of enterprises in time.

Auto financing lease solution

We provide a new generation of automobile leasing business system, which is based on automobile financing leasing, and supplemented by supply chain finance, mobile internet finance and other innovative business.

The system supports direct leasing, leaseback, factoring, commission loans and other businesses to help enterprises achieve the integration of industry and finance.

Providing a comprehensive solution in financial leasing industry