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DHC Offshore Delivery Center (ODC)

ODC refers to enterprises handing over information construction and operation and maintenance to a professional service organization (delivery center). Its main contents include planning consultation of enterprise information systems, integration and application software development and operation and maintenance of information systems. Enterprise resources can be more focused on core business to promote the transformation to a business-centered model.​

●  Road map for overall construction of delivery center

●  Life cycle process

●  Management framework

Customer value

● Capacity integration

The delivery center model integrates service capabilities and resources, improves service quality, reduces costs, responds quickly to users' needs, and gives users more choices.

● Complementary cooperation, win-win and mutual benefit

The enterprise concentrates its limited resources on its core business and hands over its non-core business to suppliers (delivery centers) with competitive advantages in other business areas in order to achieve complementary advantages and win-win benefits.

● Methodological support

Providing methodological, tool and technical support for the construction of management center system, daily management and operation.