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One-stop cloud service platform to reduce costs and increase efficiency for enterprise informatization​.

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with professional operation and maintenance team

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DHC cloud service platform

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IT infrastructure services

DHC cloud service platform aims to manage cloud computing resources in a unified way, improve cloud computing service operation system and provide one-stop public cloud services for enterprises and institutions. Cloud computing technology service platform is a cloud computing infrastructure with basic, open and public characteristics. It provides cloud computing resource sharing services, public technology services and innovation and entrepreneurship services to the society. It integrates IT resources through virtualization platform technology and provides reliable rent-as-you-go infrastructure services. It can provide users with IaaS and SaaS services such as resource leasing, cloud hosting, cloud storage, cloud desktop, cloud OA, etc. Users can obtain various products and services such as mass computing, storage resources, data processing and so on through various access and use methods.

Customer value

The platform effectively combines the traditional server resources and the constantly updated cloud service technology architecture, not only provides standard cost-effective services, but also tailor-makes solutions for industry problems. The platform is equipped with professional operation and maintenance teams, and high-quality services can help users simplify the deployment process and minimize operation and maintenance costs.