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Provide professional services based on server,software,storage and network​.

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Professional technical team

System integration level 1 qualification

System integration level 1 qualification

About us

System integration services

DHC system integration service is to select various technologies and products according to the user's needs under the guidance of the scientific method of system engineering, to connect the separate subsystems into a complete, reliable, economical and effective system, and to enable them to work in coordination with each other, exert the overall benefits and achieve the best overall performance, so as to flexibly provide customers with system integration related solutions in various industries and meet the related requirements of customer integration services.

Customer value

DHC has a level 1 qualification for computer system integration and has a strong technical force, many senior project managers and technical engineers. We can provide customers with the following related services:

 ● Software and hardware planning and installation

 ● Integration of various operating systems, host systems and databases

● Data storage and backup

● High availability system solutions

● Data storage management solution

● Remote disaster recovery solution

● Software and hardware planning and installation

● Network planning and integration

● Planning and design, installation and debugging, and performance optimization of small local area network (LAN) to large wide area network (WAN); Planning, design, installation, renovation, implementation and technical consultation of computer rooms and other projects